Hyderabad youngster all set to represent India at UN Action Awards

Akhilesh Reddy is one of the chosen finalists in UN SDG action awards

By   |  Published: 20th Mar 2018  11:33 pmUpdated: 20th Mar 2018  8:07 pm
Akhilesh Reddy with students at a school

Youth icon Akhilesh Reddy has been selected as the Youth Delegate of United Nations Youth Assembly twice during summer and winter session 2017. Now, he is back doing India proud by being chosen as one of the finalists in UN SDG action awards.

In this exclusive conversation, with this energetic personality, he shares how he thrives on dreaming big.

SDG Action Awards

UN SDG Action Awards is an event happening in Germany. This is the first year they have started awarding people so that their initiatives become larger. I have been told about this by one my friends who suggested that I apply for it. So, I submitted my work — whatever I have done so far. There is an international judge panel to filter the applicants.


A mobiliser

We reached the finals in the mobiliser category. So, we are one among the top seven mobilisers in the world. Basically, mobiliser is someone who fights with the masses to realise the 17 goals of SDG. And across categories, we have 39 participants who come from different countries and regions around the globe.

Goals on wheels

I started this journey of ‘Goals on wheels’ to reach as many students as I can to educate them about the SDG. I am that person who believes in doing things right now and doing them big. So, the aim of ‘Goals on wheels’ is to reach hundred schools in hundred days, touching about an average of hundred thousand students. Every school I go to, I seek a pledge from each and every student saying they would contribute to SDG within their own capabilities.

Aspiring big

I always had an inclination towards working for the society. If I want to do something, I want to do it big. Becoming the Prime Minister is the one big thing I can achieve in India. So, I am really confident that I can reach that goal someday.

My family is my inspiration

I come from a joint family. Where 18 of us living in the same house. Growing up among these people and understanding different mindsets made me what I am today. So, my family is my inspiration.

My message…

‘Procrastination is the thief of time and a delayed judgement is always denied’ – this would be my message to everyone. Never delay doing things; there is poverty, there is hunger right around you. Do not turn a blind eye and do something in your capacity towards the change.