Hyperloop will help India leapfrog

The fifth and fastest mode of transportation being offered by HTT may come to India

By Author  |  Published: 27th Apr 2017  9:44 am
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Hyderabad: Even as India is moving towards building its first high speed train or bullet train, one American company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is in talks with many Indian States to develop the next-level of technology in the transportation space. Touted to be the fifth mode of transportation after air, water, rail and road, Hyperloop system consists of a capsule for passengers or cargo levitating inside a low air pressure tube, with a passive levitation system. With this environment, the capsule can move at high speeds with little energy, making the system highly efficient.

Speaking about the technology to Telangana Today, Bibop Gresta, chairman and co-founder, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies said, “The fact that India does not have the infrastructure already in place for this technology is good. No legacy issues will propel us to build the technology in a much more efficient manner and this can be built over the existing infrastructure as well. With Hyperloop, India can leapfrog from basic rail and airways transportation to pod transportation and ignore bullet trains.”

The futuristic technology can travel a speed of 1,200 kmph i.e to say that the pod can cover Mumbai to Delhi in just 55 minutes. The technology has been in offering for about a decade now but it was only when Tesla’s Elon Musk proposed in a white paper and challenged
companies to make the technology a reality did it gain momentum.

In India currently, HTT has already spoken to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in San Francisco and shared the idea with him while also having some talks with Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari and Niti Aayog team. In addition, Gresta also informed that they have had discussions with five State governments – AP, Maharashtra, Goa, Jharkhand and Orissa. “I would also be very delighted to meet the Telangana government and discuss launching a feasibility study here in the State,” he added.

For India operations, the company is looking at an investment of $200 million for its first project through a PPP model with State’s involvement being up to 30 per cent. Globally, HTT has already completed a feasibility study in UAE and Gresta is hopeful that by end of this year they will start construction of their first Hyperloop in Abu Dhabi.

When questioned about how viable this futuristic technology will be implementable in a country like India Gresta said, “We are experiencing high traffic not only in India but worldwide and also are seeing challenges in terms of high energy consumption and losses with the currently available transport systems. Hyperloop is the solution for all these issues as it will cut down on the travel cost and also it gives back almost 30 per cent of the energy back to the system thus making it extremely efficient,” he said.

The company is talking to 10 different companies and institutions in India so as to sign partnership deals that can help them build the system and provide it with the materials.