Ice cubes for beauty

Using some natural ingredients available at home, you can rejuvenate your skin and increase radiance

By   |  Shahnaz Husain  |  Published: 25th Sep 2020  5:05 pm

From stimulating blood circulation to reducing oiliness, soothing sunburns to laying a refreshing ground-work for makeup, there is no limit to what ice cubes can do. No matter what your skin condition is, ice cubes are a brilliant option to help rejuvenate your skin, clear acne and increase radiance.

Not sure how? Read on to see all that you can freeze to make your very own beauty-boosting ice cubes to get supple, attractive and radiant skin.

Aloe vera ice cubes

Take one bottle of natural aloe vera gel. Choose an aloe plant with mature leaves growing near the base of the plant. Pour the gel into an ice cube tray three-quarters of the way. Pour 2-3 drops of essential oil in each section and let it freeze in natural way for a few hours. You can also add marigold flowers to enhance cooling as marigold is a natural anti-oxidant.

If you are purchasing the gel, then select natural gel that contains close to 100 per cent aloe vera with no added preservatives. Basil and aloe vera calming combo in the icy goodness is also a great remedy for sunburn.

Rose water ice cubes

Mix together 1 cup of concentrated rose water with 1 cup of water and add in rose petals in ice cube tray. For extra cooling effects, you can add in peppermint essential oil or rose essential oil for an extra rosy glow. Freeze and your rose ice cubes are ready! When ready for your facial treatment, boil some water and pour into a large bowl. Place your face over the steaming bowl with a towel over your head for max five minutes or till you feel convenient with the steam. Next, grab one of your rose ice blocks and gently roll the ice cube all over your face and neck. Finish off with a spritz of rosewater.

Green tea ice cubes

Brew 2 green tea bags in boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Avoid adding too much water so you can get concentrated solution. Take tea tree essential oil and add 2-3 drops in each section of your ice tray. After it cools down, add your green tea to each section of an ice cube tray and place it the freezer for 2-3 hours. Use these every alternate day gently moving it on your skin, especially around the eye/neck areas. After using a cleanser, take an ice cube and hold it on to the pimple for a while. Depending on your pimple, you will see the results within a short period of time.

Cucumber & lemon ice cubes

Blend cucumber and the juice on 1 lemon to make a puree. Add just enough water to blend for desired consistency. Mix it well until smooth. Add a few drops of lemon and pour it evenly an ice cube tray. Freeze it for a few hours preferably for overnight and apply cold for maximum effect. Before using, allow the cube to sit for 30 seconds or so to soften slightly. Gently rub the cube over your face and neck, using the icy slush to exfoliate. Rinse after 5-10 minutes.

Milk ice cubes

Take a 1 cup of full cream milk and add 1 cup of distilled water in it. Pour it in an ice cube tray and let it freeze overnight for solid cubes. Rub the cubes gently on face, neck and open areas around neck and leave it for half-an- hour and wash it off face clean and fresh water.

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