IIT-Hyderabad sets an example on implementing helmet rule in campus

By Author  |  Published: 24th Sep 2017  8:15 pm
Helmet Rule

Sangareddy: IIT-Hyderabad has set a model for others to follow to strictly follow wearing helmet for two-wheeler riders inside the campus premises.

Director of IIT-Hyderabad, Prof UB Desai took the decision to ban riding of two-wheelers without wearing helmet on campus a year ago. Therefore, security personnel employed by IIT will not allow the visitors coming on bike without wearing helmet inside the campus. The security personnel will request the visitors to park their vehicles at the entrance gate. Since the IIT-H is operating buses and cars from main entrance gate to academic and hostel buildings, located couple of KMs away from the entrance gate near Kandi village along Hyderabad-Mumbai Highway, visitors can board the bus or car. There will be no charges applied for commuting on bus or car even from visitors. Not only students, even teaching and non-teaching staff are showing their support by strictly following the guidelines issued by Prof Desai.

If anyone is spotted inside the campus, the security personnel has the right to stop and request you go back to the main gate and park the vehicle at the entrance. What’s even more interesting is the fact that the security personnel will even offer helmet to the visitors, which the visitors can return on their way back.

Prof Deepak John Mathew, head of the department at department of design has said that it will inculcate a sense of traffic rules among their students and others coming to the campus. Since the students passing out from the premier institute may become administrators, entrepreneurs and CEOs at corporate organisations, the strict rules being followed at the campus will make them a better leader.