Immortals: A tale of forceful vampirism

Netflix’s Immortals follows a teenage vampire as she embarks on a journey down the road of mystery, darkness and pain

By Author  |  Published: 23rd Mar 2019  5:57 pm

Set in Istanbul, alternating between the present day and the 1800s, Immortals is a dark Turkish fantasy tale that follows Mia, a 19-year-old on her revenge journey. The story starts off by describing that the vampire race is quite different from what we humans think them to be. Unlike the stories we’ve heard, vampires can walk in broad daylight just like the rest of us; the series slightly tweaks the myths and stories of the old and turns them into something new.

The episode starts in a dungeon, where a young girl keeps shouting to her captives, swearing that she is a human but, out of nowhere, a man dressed in all black pulls her out of her cell and slits her throat. After 140-odd years, out for revenge on those who turned her into a vampire against her will, Mia sets out to take on Dmitry, one of the most powerful vampires in the history.

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She reaches Istanbul following a lead that might lead her to Dmitry and accidentally stumbles upon a legend of a knife belonging to an original vampire, one that might make the already immortal vampires truly immortal. Even after knowing the kind of power Dmitry commands in Istanbul, Mia, along with a few young rebels, works tirelessly on finding a way to bring down the ruthless vampire leader.

Dmitry, on the other hand, is busy in his search of the weapon that will make him truly immortal. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when he crosses paths with his unknown arch enemy — will he succeed in this dream quest or will his past misdeeds finally weigh him down? Watch Immortals, originally a Turkish drama, which is now streaming on Netflix to find out.