Improve your kitchen

Make sure to bring home all these accessories for a better cooking time.

By Author   |   Published: 19th Apr 2017   11:09 pm Updated: 20th Apr 2017   2:28 am

Shopping for your new apartment or planning to add more cooking tools in your kitchen? Invest on these appliances to make your life easier by saving time and energy.

Nylon head tongs
For better grip and heat resistance, nylon head tongs are kitchen essentials. They are good for non-stick cookware, as they won’t scratch or leave marks.

Shaker and grinder
Instead of buying those salt and pepper containers go for the shaker and grinder. They are available in the market and they not just look better but also serve the purpose.

Basting brush
This tool is a necessity especially when you are baking or want to marinate meat. Instead of dirtying your hands and sometimes to avoid the burning skin sensation after using spicy ingredients, let basting brushes do the job.

Self-heating butter knife
Heating the butter in a pan because you forgot to place the butter out from the fridge is not something pleasant to do in the morning. So, for this you need to own the self-heating butter knife. You won’t have to worry about spreading the butter, anymore.

Clip-on spout
It’s a daily mess in the kitchen, to spill milk or curry either on you hand or the counter. Not everybody has the time and also the skill to pour down something without any mess. So, bring clip-on spout to help you do it neatly.