Incorporating yoga in everyday life

Irrespective of fitness and diet fads, this practice is still the most sought after

By Author  |  Published: 10th Dec 2018  5:55 pm

With many options for fitness, it is indeed a challenge to choose the best among them. Pilates, Zumba and cross fit have been the most-sought after exercises, when compared to traditional gym, in the last couple of years. Though, it is true that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, with studies supporting this claim, yoga is still the most-productive in terms of holistic wellness. So, don’t look at yoga like an exclusive activity that you have to undertake for fitness, but instead, practice it irrespective of how many ever other routines you have enrolled into.

We have all seen actor Malaika Arora’s fitness levels and age-defying body and skin. She credits yoga for the obvious results. If an expert like her can vouch for it, then it is important to incorporate at least a few basic principles of this age-old practice.

Breathing is essential
In any workout routine, a lot of emphasis is laid on breathing. One can master this technique via yoga which has numerous exercises for breathing. By inhaling and exhaling right, stress and anxiety levels are proven to be reduced. Improving circulation and oxygen levels is another advantage of breathing techniques. Incorporating yoga in your daily life would make one an expert at breathing right during other exercises as well.

Calm & focused mind
Amidst the constant rattle, one needs to take a step back and calm down. Even while you are working out, the background noise of your mind can make the routine seem tedious, monotonous or uninteresting. A few minutes of meditation in the morning or anytime during the day can ground your feelings and provide a new perspective. They can further motivate to perform better in the gym.

The best part of yoga is that the asanas are fluid in nature. There are no sudden jerks, but just a smooth transitional movements that need your mind-body coordination. This, in turn, increases body awareness which is a must to carry out any kind of exercise and reduce the risk of injury.