Indian dishes to relish this season

The most famous Indian dishes to enjoy during cold months

By Author  |  Lekha  |  Published: 6th Dec 2017  11:00 pmUpdated: 6th Dec 2017  10:01 pm

We have often heard Grandmas say til ke laddu kha lo, sardiyon ka mausam hai (eat sesame laddu, winter is here). This was much before there were studies conducted about the health benefits of eating local and seasonal food. Right now a majority of people know what fruits and veggies to eat in each season and also appreciate the local produce. There are also yummy recipes that can be made out of these produce which will make it better and easier to eat season-specific food.

Amla pickle

This yummy one is packed with vitamin C which helps to build immunity of the body. During winter, people are prone to diseases very easily, eating a small quantity of freshly made Amla (Indian gooseberry) chutney or pickle can help avoid them.

Sarson ka saag

Usually eaten in the northern states of India, this dish can be called as their most favourite winter food. Accompanied by makki di roti (maize-flour roti), sarson ka saag is made out of mustard greens which is available only during winter. The use of mustard and ginger in this recipe generates a good amount of natural heat in the body to combat the cold outside.

Pepper rasam

This dish is a part of the daily diet in south Indian households. It is especially beneficial during the winter season as the spices used in it provide relief to cold and cough. Rasam also aids digestion as the metabolism of the body is usually low during winters.


Sesame laddu

Made out of sesame seeds, it’s both tasty and healthy. This dessert has a long shelf life and is loved equally by kids and adults. By using jaggery in its preparation one can eliminate the side effects of refined sugar.