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Samsung’s smartphone-cum-tablet that won the race to launch the world's first foldable device Galaxy Fold offers plethora of features

By Author  |  Published: 8th Nov 2019  5:38 pmUpdated: 8th Nov 2019  10:42 pm

Money can buy you anything and if it is about purchasing a smartphone worth Rs 1.65 lakh, it has to be some really cool, top-of-the-line and never-seen-before gadget that must entice every single soul the moment you take it out from your pocket.

Samsung that won the race to launch the world’s first foldable device Galaxy Fold in September and then delivering it to Indians before Diwali has been stunned to see the stupendous response among its fans in the country.

The smartphone-cum-tablet with 12GB RAM and 512GB internal storage and 7.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED display (when open) flew off the shelves in India in flat 30 minutes of its pre-booking that were opened twice.

Consumers who pre-booked the device paid Rs 1,64,999 upfront and got their devices delivered to them through a concierge. What makes it so special that Indians are making a beeline for it? It is everything – design, look, performance and, above all, that “wow” factor.

In its standard form, the device gives you a 4.6-inch screen experience for normal day-to-day task (basically one-handed use) but as you unfold it, the cross-screen functionalities go seamless on a bigger, immersive 7.3-inch form factor.

The Dynamic AMOLED display provides HDR10+ colour and contrast with ‘Dynamic Tone Mapping’ to ensure life-like hues in each scene on-screen (only on the main 7.3-inch screen). The display is engineered to reduce harmful blue light without the use of filters, to keep colours true while lessening eye strain.

The precision-crafted hinge is the masterpiece. Made of multiple interlocking gears hidden away on the rear for an elegant look, it allows for minimal bezels on the main display. An engineering marvel inspired by the precision of watch mechanics, the hinge delivers symmetrical movement that gently locks in place.

You may notice a crease at the centre of the main screen, which is a natural characteristic of the screen. The device is available in two colours, Space Silver and Cosmos Black.