Insidious: This Lost Key is really lost

By Author  |  Abhinav  |  Published: 5th Jan 2018  7:54 pm

With a prequel/sequel, one expects more clarity than confusion.

The genre is not an easy one. There is no perfect horror story. Story tellers have tried their best to create one. Not this time surely. There needs to be a clear picture as to what should the end product be and reverse engineer from that point. A prequel/sequel should not be made just to justify horror!! It should be made to experience it. To the uninitiated, the Insidious series began in 2010 followed by a sequel and two prequels – Last Key being the second. There is the predictability of a couple and their children occupying a haunted house. One of their curious kids (the cat!!) hears squeaking sounds and introduced to another realm – The Further an universe full of the dead that have the ability of entering the body of a lost soul (the kid!!). You have a sequel of what happened and prequels trying to explain why. When one knows the what and when, it should be relatively easy to guess the why. Not this time though.

Mexico City 1953 – home of a prison guard. The guard punishes his daughter Elise Rainier (Ava Kolker) because she can see and talk to ghosts. This is where the ‘horror’ starts!! Year 2010 – Elise (Lin Shaye) is called back to her old house to help. Who and what is revealed in the movie. She has her trusty sidekicks – Tucker (Angus Sampson) and Specs (Leigh Whannell).

Lin Shaye has yet another opportunity of making the film survive. But fails because of the script. To keep the audience glued to a movie requires more than long squeaky sounds and sudden loud bursts. It requires a story that this outing fails to offer. Conjuring, Exorcist, Annabelle all had a lot to offer and proved that horror can be shown even in the presence of light. Tucker says – She’s a psychic and we her sidekicks – the movie is lamer than that. This film is not without its moments. Tragically that is all there is – moments.

Why one would want to watch a horror movie is a question that needs to be answered by the masses. Adrenaline rush probably?

This Lost Key is really lost!!