Interacting with introverts

Introverts aren’t easy to befriend, but, almost always, the effort proves to be absolutely worth it

By Author  |  Published: 12th Aug 2017  11:00 pmUpdated: 13th Aug 2017  12:23 am

Contrary to popular beliefs, introverts aren’t the depressed souls who sulk away their time in loneliness. They are, in fact, ingenious and witty people who prefer to keep all the exuberance away from the world and share it only with those who seek it. Here is a guide to acquire your share of awesomeness. 

One-on-one is the way

You’ll probably never make friends with an introvert in a gathering, simply because you will not find one in the first place, and, secondly, even if you do, you might not be entertained beyond a polite chit chat. If you really want to get to know an introvert, it is the best to meet them alone, as they most definitely are not the kind of people who would make themselves heard or seen in a group. 

Know what they like

Now even if you approach them personally, striking a conversation that will get them hooked is a different task. After the introduction, try to understand what their interests are and weave a conversation likewise. There is nothing better to bond over than common interests. They are listeners first and speakers later; so, they might not dive into the conversation right away. Hence, it is your job to talk them into talking. 

Appreciate their ‘alone time’

This is the most important aspect of befriending an introvert. They love nothing more than the time they spend with themselves, doing what they love to do. Always respect that time and space. Do not self-invite or try to surprise them by turning up unannounced. Not only will you freak them out, but you might also be intruding into their precious me time. When they want to stay back home, let them. Let it be organic. If they find you compatible that way, they themselves will invite you to their lively world.