Invasion of the polar bears

People living in the Russian Islands are advised to be on guard

By Author  |  Published: 12th Feb 2019  8:39 pm
Climatic disturbances

Russian Islands is in a state of high alert after a group of more than 50 polar bears invaded the region. The incident points towards the increasing threat of global warming. Some netizens are of the opinion that this happened because of drastic climatic changes. The sea ice that serves as a natural habitat for the bears must be melting at a faster rate than we think.

The reason behind the invasion is that these animals are in search of food and shelter. Experts say that even the sounds of horns or gunshots have failed to draw them away. A few of these Arctic animals were spotted prowling the streets.

The authorities declared an emergency after a few of them managed to find their way into the homes of locals and plans for their extraction are apparently in place. Whatever be the case, fact remains that an invasion of this size hasn’t happened before, which only means that things might get real ugly, if we don’t start to mend things soon.