Inventive ways of displaying beautiful flowers in your interior

By   |  Published: 4th Aug 2017  11:30 pmUpdated: 7th Aug 2017  7:47 pm

Flowers have the unique ability to breathe fresh air into any interior, but you might not be using them to their full potential. Popping in some flowers in a vase should not be the only trick up your sleeve; there are countless innovative ways to make good use of nature’s exquisite gift. So if you are a fan of an all-natural solution to your home decor problems, this compilation of ideas by us will provide you with the absolute best ones for your interior.

Flowers and candles
Two of the most popular and easy to use items of decor combined together is a match made in heaven. Create a custom Candle/flower holder by just placing a candle in the midst of plenty of fresh flowers. You can go step further and even create a small garden in a pot by surrounding the candle with soil and planting some seasonal fruits and flowers to create a beautiful candle holder for nights spent outdoors.

Frame your flowers
Why put up paintings of flowers when you can create a DIY frame consisting of real flowers? Just take any frame of your choice and create a wire mesh in it to add you flowers in. Another way to display some beautiful pressed flowers and petals is to frame them as you would frame a picture just follow a few extra steps to make sure your flowers remain preserved forever.

Vase it well
Who says vases have to be bland? Use interesting ways to display your flowers, one way is to use multiple vases. Place a smaller vase inside a larger transparent one and fill the middle up with beautiful stones, dry scented flower petals or anything that your heart desires. You can DIY your own vases or paint readymade ones for a fun splash of colour. Also use vases of different shapes and sizes to create different effects.

Another way to bring your floral’s into focus is to hang them on your wall. You can just use your regular hooks or perhaps make an interesting DIY with a few test tubes and a holder; this will serve as a wall hanging and a display for some delicate blooms.

Floating florals
Flowers floating on water create a beautiful effect matching that of floating lilies in a pond. All you need for this is a large bowl filled with water and some fully bloomed, large flowers to create this perfect flower arrangement.

Light up with flowers
What’s better than flowers? Flowers bathed in a warm glow. If you want to give your floral arrangement an extra oomph, then good lighting is the way to go. Even draping a few fairy lights around your blooms can create a unique ambiance and give your flowers a glam glow. This is especially remarkable during a festive season.

Evidently flowers are not only meant to be kept in the vase and can be used in many unusual ways. Make good use of your creative skills to come up with new ways to excel at floral decor, or just use the ideas we collected for you and have a great time doing it!

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