Irresistible appeal of everything mafia

Italian series Romanzo Criminale is all about the fight between good and evil

By Author  |  Published: 12th Jan 2019  7:16 pm
Dark underbelly

Set in 1970s Rome, Romanzo Criminale revolves around the organised crime family of Bande della Magia, whose very name makes everyone shiver in their boots.

Based on the novel written by famous Italian judge named Giancarlo de Cataldo, the book is partially inspired by the real life criminal organisation called the Banda della Magliana who were active from the 1970s to the 1990s.

Littered with drugs, power plays and violent scenes, the show will appeal to those who are fans of Mafia series.

Throughout the two season series, there is a constant tussle between good and evil, depicted superbly through the eyes of man named The Lebanese, who yearns for power and hopes to reach the zenith.

He does this through orchestrating a series of highly violent crimes, which leads to making connections with corrupt cops, politicians and even the Secret Service who want to pull off a right-wing coup to bring down the government with the Mafial’s help.

In this entire scenario, there is a sole person on the side of good which is young police inspector Nicola Scialoja determined to clean the city of drugs and crime, but a single person can only do so much. A star cast with sharp good looks and great acting make this series, well worth the time. You can catch the series on YouTube which is subtitled and even on Amazon Prime.