Irrigation projects in Telangana brimming with water

Kharif famers’ hopes revived as torrential rain fills up catchment areas

By Author  |  Published: 12th Jul 2018  11:10 pm
Yellapalli Project in Ramagundam.

Hyderabad: Torrential rains in Maharashtra and parts of north Telangana revived the hopes of kharif farmers under many of the major and medium irrigation projects, including the Sriramsagar in the Godavari basin.

Rains in the catchment areas of the Krishna basin are also expected to bring cheer as Alamatti in Karnataka was receiving significant inflows. Inflows into the Musi project in the Lower Krishna basin also raised hopes among farmers under its ayacut.

Both the Kadem and Yellampalli projects continued to receive good inflows for the third day on Thursday in the impact of heavy rains in their catchment. The inflows in to the Sriramsagar project were also increasing.

According to the CWC flood bulletin, water level in the Yellampalli project reached 143.10 m as against its storage capacity of 148 m. A total of 790 cusecs of water was released. Similarly, 10,012 cusecs was discharged from the Kadem Narayan Reddy project.

The water level of this reservoir touched 697.150 ft as against the full reservoir level (FRL) of 700 ft. The project has a gross storage of 7.12 tmc against the gross storage capacity of 7.6 tmc. The inflows into the Sriramsagar project are in the order of 1,200 cusecs. The gross storage in the project on Thursday was 12.33 tmc as against the gross capacity of 90.131 tmc at its FRL of 1,091 ft.

Authorities tasked with operations and maintenance (O&M) of all major and medium projects in the Godavari basin were put on high alert as heavy to very heavy rain was forecast for the next two days.

The water level in Singur dam, with the inflows being in the order of over 200 to 250 cusecs, touched 1697.54 ft as against the FRL of 1,717.93 ft. Its present storage is 7.99 tmc as against the live storage of 29.91 tmc at the FRL. The level in Nizam Sagar is 1,385 ft (FRL – 1,405 ft). The water level in the Lower Manair Dam (LMD) touched 881 ft as against the FRL of 920 ft.

Other projects in the Godavari basin that received significant inflows included Kinnerasani (1,412 cusecs), Mathadivagu (1,300 cusecs) and Peddavagu in Komaram Bhim district (12,585 cusecs).
Krihsna basin

The inflows into the Krishna basin increased to 780 cusecs. The water level in the project was 637.6 ft as against the full level of 645 ft. About 2.26 tmc of water was available in Musi as against the gross storage capacity of 4.46 tmc.

No inflows were received by all the three major projects — Jurala, Srisailam and Nagarjunasagar — in the Krishna basin on Thursday. So is the case with their outflows. But the inflows into the Almatti in Karnataka are on the increase. By 6 pm the inflows were reported to be 63,465 cusecs.