Is crash diet really a solution for perfect body?

With people like Veeramachineni Ramakrishna entering the scene, diet charts are seeping into every other regular household.

By   |  Published: 29th May 2018  12:13 amUpdated: 29th May 2018  12:08 am

We are what we eat. Maybe, because of this statement, many people go through the ‘diet phase’ more than once in their life. But, how far can one go to get into the desired shape? How desperate can someone be to lower the blood pressure and diabetes levels? Well, there a few (actually many) who are very keen on shedding that extra fat.

Though the attempt to eat healthy is commendable, it gets uncomfortable once the diet gets too stringent with respect to what we can and cannot eat. First there was this GM Diet which people followed to the T… a few years and many other diet fads later came the Keto diet which is ruling the diet-conscious world now!

Did you know there is something called ‘vampire diet’ which calls its followers to eat only red foods at each meal? Red meat is the main component of this diet but there is a catch, the diet prefers uncooked meat (supposedly to preserve nutrients).

And this is not the only diet which commands its followers to go raw. There is this diet named ‘The raw food diet’. This diet bars you from eating anything which is heated beyond 115°F. Well, your palate is not going to be happy with this.

There is so much more extreme and weird stuff going on in this whole area. While one says ‘no to carbs’, the other says ‘no to fruits’ and someone else says ‘no to pulses’. And if you think these diets are restricted to celebrities, models or Hollywood, you are wrong!

With people like Veeramachineni Ramakrishna entering the scene, diet charts are seeping into every other regular household. Social media platforms have become a huge leverage when it comes to turning a particular diet into a fad. The forward messages, dedicated YouTube channels and what not! Everyone has some expert advice up their sleeves.

But, how safe is it to drastically change the routine and introduce your body to some bizarre diets? The most concerning part of the whole issue is that people are least bothered to consider the qualifications of the person who is preaching the diet.

crash diet

As long as the person is successful in gaining popularity on social media, people simply become followers within no time. All it takes is a series of videos or debates on a local news channel.

“The society should value only professionals to give diet advice and not quacks, just because it worked for them at personal level,” says Dr Janaki Srinath, NEC member Indian Dietetic Association.

Though the results from these diets might seem very fancy and happening, it is always important to take professional advice from an expert because there is always a chance of backfire and it could be chronic at times. “One might also end up in coma if s/he doesn’t seek professional guidance,” warns Janaki Srinath.

So, be it the famous keto diet or the local Veeramachineni diet, make sure you consult a nutritionist before you kick-start your new diet. Well, it is only sensible to rely on science more than a random internet search.