It’s raining memes off the pitch

Witty posts trend on social media to help fans heal after India’s painful defeat against New Zealand

By Author  |  Published: 11th Jul 2019  8:24 pm

Anticipation shot up late Wednesday but India’s heartbreaking loss kept many awake. But, like any other day, meme makers were busy posting witty templates and apt observations on how the match against the Kiwis unfolded.

MemesWhile many shared memes, criticising Sanjay Manjrekar, Ravi Shastri and even Sachin Tendulkar’s anti-Dhoni comment, funny memes on Indian fans crying themselves to sleep, comedian Tanmay Bhatt retweeted a 2012 post of Barack Obama hugging his wife which was captioned “Four more years”.Anushka Sharma’s Sui Dhaga memes made a comforting appearance beside a fallen Kohli and also trending were memes of Pakistan calculating ways to squeeze its way into the World Cup race again.

MemesInterestingly, in a series of cricket coincidences, many pointed out how India’s fate since 2014 has the team losing two semi-final matches after losing a final. Another set of observers noticed how there were six fielders at the boundary when the maximum permitted number of players should have been five. Here are some hand-picked posts, just for the gags.