Jabariya Jodi: Cringingly downtown

Irrelevance and drab one liners rule the day. It is difficult to believe that you have paid for a A grade film ticket.

By Author  |  Published: 9th Aug 2019  7:11 pm
Jabariya Jodi
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Never have the promos of a film been so misleading. One would have imagined that a feisty Parineeti and the awkward Sidharth Malhotra would make a lovely pair. The humour you saw in the trailers are at best spoilers. The claustrophobic narrative and the loud presentation of a Bihar that is more Punjab suppresses the one-liners. The resultant product is a drag for two hours plus.

Lovers Abhay and Babli are separated promptly by parents who otherwise do not act responsible. Their paths are bound to meet, you know. On the guy’s side we have Abhay (Sid Malhotra), dictatorial Dad Hukum Dev Singh (Javed Jaffrey”) and weeping Mom (Sheeba Chadda) and a complete set of cronies led by Guddu (Chandan Roy Sanyal). At the girls’ quarters are Babli (Parineeti) her somnambulist Dad Duniyalal (Sanjay Misra), his friend Vermaji (Neeraj Sood), suitor Santo (Aparshakti Khurana) and her set of cronies. Abhay is engaged in the task of stalling marriages where there is a demand for dowry. The known modus operandi is to kidnap the guy on the pretext of a surprise party and then force him to marry the girl without the mentioned dowry. Some kind of a Khap Panchayat with the hero playing the social villain and justifying it on the ground that this is the best way to eradicate the evil of dowry. Some imagination this!!

Just when Abhay is at it on one occasion he runs into Babli and the fire is rekindled. However, our macho hero cannot utter the three crucial words. He is busy responding to a command performance of Daddy Dictator. Our Babli is full of beans and is willing to run away with a vague nondescript local who fails to keep the tryst with elopement and gets trashed as he runs for cover. While she is ready to wed and settle down with erring boyfriend who borders on being a Papa’s boy when he is not beating up avaricious local grooms. The tired viewer is waiting for the twosome to sort out matters and get married.

Irrelevance and drab one liners rule the day. It is difficult to believe that you have paid for a A grade film ticket. It is cringingly downtown.

Sidharth Malhotra is woefully miscast in the role of a goon. Parineeti shifts situational gears without much support from the script. Talented actors like Sheeba, Sanjay Misra and Neeraj Sood are reduced to props without cause.

Watch this only if it is a case you are a ‘jabariya’ viewer. Avoid on all other counts.

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