Jazz up your home with these fresh decor trends

Here are a few latest trends that interior decorators swear by now

By Author  |  Shravya Aradhyam  |  Published: 15th Jun 2017  11:00 pmUpdated: 15th Jun 2017  10:00 pm
Interior decoration

Interior decoration is a fun pastime and changing the appearance of your home every few years is vital to keep yourself refreshed. The year 2017 has been a year of being bold, fashion wise; so, here is what interior decorators say about the latest trends.

Green walls
Greenery is not important outside, but inside also. Green walls or even rugs are now a new trend. This happened because designers found that green walls provide a refreshing look to your house.

Tropical prints
Tropical prints in decorating have taken off from the fashion shows. Such prints look really good even in furnishings like pillows or murals, just to give your home an exotic look.

Interior decorationMarble
Marble tabletops in kitchen and bath products continue to dominate, owing to their classic look. Try adding a bit of flair by pairing them with brass furnishings. This adds to the classy look, besides giving it a touch of the contemporary feel.

Geometric patterns
The goal when decorating should always be to create a home that feels curated, and an easy way to accomplish this is through pattern. Patterns that relate to some culture, like African or Asian cultures, which might be a big thing.

Quirky lighting
Lighting plays an important role in designing your new home. Think of lighting as an accessory for your home — it’s the perfect way to show off your unique design sensibility. Quirky lighting can be used in dining areas, and even on your bed-side table.