Journey to the Wild Wild West

Reviewing Rockstar’s latest entry Red Dead Redemption II.

By Author  |  Published: 10th Nov 2018  7:41 pm
Wild Wild West

Allowing gamers to embody the “outlaw” of life has become a signature style for Rockstar as they have made themselves known worldwide for franchises like Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne and Red Dead Redemption.

This game follows the incredible success of GTA V and seeks to combine the fun elements from it with a much larger gaming world set in a different time.

Diving head on, the game begins by narrating the story of a runaway outlaw company that has been chased away from its stronghold with no food and money into an icy wasteland to brave the onslaught of a rare spring snowstorm. Using the snowstorm as a backdrop, the game teaches you the rules and requirements of the Wild West and the various things you must keep in mind as Arthur Morgan in order to succeed as a cowboy.

Wild Wild WestThe game’s campaign is a very long, but extremely interesting one as you traverse the expansive world on your trusty steed brandishing a plethora of guns. The long campaign is laced with moments that can leave you in splits as you endlessly plan your heists only to see crucial elements not work. My favourite moment was when my team placed dynamite on a railroad to blow up a train, but the detonator failed in classic Roadrunner style fashion. The game’s tone is set with wisecracks, quips, and sarcasm as the writers have done a wonderful job to depict camaraderie among outlaws.

On a gameplay level, this game is visually spectacular and it has all the polish that we expect from a Rockstar offering. However, this game has embraced the RPG elements on a much higher level than any other previous Rockstar game as there are countless activities on offer ranging from petting your horse, to hunting, looting, or even just shaving for instance. Everything has an effect on our character, for instance if you don’t feed him, he will lose mass and bulk, and thus health points, but since he is lighter, his stamina will go up. In a nutshell, this is truly a game where every action has a reaction.

Wild Wild WestThe accompanying soundtrack is top-notch, but the game is incredibly big and, at times, feels just too detailed for its own good. The micro-management can be annoying at times as you constantly try to pet and calm your horse in order to boost bonding levels. At times, the engagement seems forceful rather than fostering an organic attachment. Some play movements can feel clunky and staggered as the default settings are not necessarily optimal. However, despite these blemishes, it is undeniable that the sprawling world on offer is one of the best you can experience in 2018.

A must if you love ginormous games. Anyway, I got to feed my horse now. Happy gaming!