Kaleshwaram tunnels took shape after Telangana formation

By Author  |  Published: 11th Aug 2018  1:15 amUpdated: 13th Aug 2018  6:16 pm

Hyderabad: The twin tunnels that form a critical component of the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme Package 6 took seven years to be completed.

The work on the tunnels started way back in 2011, well before the project was redesigned, a senior engineer of the project told Telangana Today‘.

He has been associated with its progress right from the early stage. The work completed in the first four years, till Telangana attained Statehood, was less than 19 per cent, he said. The works gained momentum only after 2014 especially after the Irrigation Minister, T Harsih Rao took on the stewardship of the mega project.

Some of the works in progress were visited by him as many as 22 times. He visited the tunnel last on August 7 as part of a fresh stock taking mission and devoted more than 10 hours for on the spot inspection of works in progress.

The State focused its total attention to Kaleshwaram putting the project high on its agenda with a view to giving water to the parched lands in the north Telangana districts.

As on August 10, work on the 9.534 km of the left main tunnel and 9.534 km of the right main tunnel was fully completed. Barring a few troublesome lose soil patches, the entire tunnel was routed through formation of hard rock.

Tunnels are generally constructed adopting the top-heading-and-bench method. As part of this technique, once work on the top heading advanced to some distance into the rock formations, excavation work is taken up immediately below the floor of the top heading which is called benching.

Benching of the left main tunnel and left main tunnel was completed all through their length of in 9.53 km. The earth work, concrete work and lining work were also completed.

The tunnels are connected with surge pool which is connected to the seven pumps of 14.2 mw capacity each. Two of the pumps were ready for dry run. One of them would be taken for dry run in last week of this month.