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As a part of Mahaparivarthan programme, prisoners of karimnagar jail will be working at the petrol bunk established by the authorities .

By Author  |  Published: 19th Feb 2017  11:34 pmUpdated: 19th Feb 2017  8:44 pm


Karimnagar: Prisoners of Karimnagar jail are all set to run a petrol bunk right in front of the prison soon. Works are under progress and the petrol bunk is expected to be ready within a month. With a view to bring change in the attitude of jailbirds and to make them stay away from making crimes later, the State Prisoners Department is gearing up in designing innovative concepts under Mahaparivarthan programme.

As a part of this programme, jail authorities are providing an opportunity for convicts to practice on how to lead a normal life. And their intention is get them used to it in order to keep them away from committing crimes later. So, the officials want the prisoners to work in a petrol bunk right from now.

Establishing small scale industries along with a few ayurvedic centres apart from the petrol bunk are taken up by the department. While there are already a fw petrol bunks running byt he prisoners in cities like Hyderabad, Warangal, Mahabubnagar and others, the offiicials are still counting on for more. According to an agreement between Indian Oil Corporation Limited and the Department of Prisons, the oil company will set up bunks and hand them over to jails. 

Karimnagar district jail authorities have provided 1,200 square yard land to establish bunk which was provided to the oil company on 20 years lease. There is a possibility to provide employment to 30 life convicted prisoners through this initiative. Only ‘open jail prisoners’ are eligible to work outside the jail and since there are only three such prisoners in district jail, the authorities will be brining 20 more prisoners from Warangal jail. 

The inmates will be provided with Rs 3,000 as salary every month. Though the authorities are expected to get Rs 95,000 per month towards rent besides commission on sales, they are unable to pay more salary as according to rules, prisoners should not be paid more than Rs 100 in a day. Jail Superintendent, N Shivakumar Goud said that he is also planning to engage some of the released prisoners in bunk. When asked about the section of inmates, he said that open jail prisoners who have a good relation with family members would be selected.    

He informed that they are planning to open five more petrol bunks which includes the reopen of two closed ones. Proposals in regard to this are already sent to higher officials. Negotiations to reopen closed bunks at Lower Manair Dam and another at Peddapalli bypass road in Karimnagar town are ongoing along with the search for lands.