Take a bus, and a massage

Private firm installs machines at several bus stands.

By Author  |  Published: 27th Dec 2016  10:39 pm
Karminagar Bus

Karimnagar: Travellers do not need to go to massage centres anymore to relieve themselves of body-aches post their trips. They can get a massage instantly at the bus stand here, and that too for a meagre fee of Rs 5.

A private firm, Forever Multi-Trade Corporation, has established Oxygen and Blood Circulation Massager machines in TSRTC bus stands on the lines of wave machines. If a person stands on the machine and drops a Rs 5 coin, s/he will feel vibrations throughout the body. The entire body will shake for two minutes.

According to the instructions on the machine, the entire body will get massaged if a person stands on the machine for just two minutes. Standing on the massager for two minutes is equal to walking two km, it says.

Except those suffering from chronic diseases, all kinds of people can use the machines. Passengers are eagerly watching massage machines installed at the Karimnagar bus stand. Recently, six such machines were placed here.

Ibrahim Khadri, MD of the company, told us that blood gets circulated to each part of the body by this kind of a massage. Oxygen is automatically supplied to organs where blood is circulated, he said. It helps patients suffering from heart, diabetes and bone joint problems.

Sugar level comes under control if diabetics use it regularly, he said. Joint pains can reduce significantly in a month or two, he added. Forever landed the contract to install about 400 machines at 328 bus stands across the State. So far, 40 machines have been set up and the remaining will be placed shortly, Ibrahim said.

However, women who are either pregnant or menstruating, children under seven years of age, patients using pace-makers or metallic implant in bones, those who have undergone surgical operations recently, patients of kidney failure or those on dialysis, people suffering from tuberculosis (TB) and infectious skin diseases should not use the massagers.