Kashmir to Kanyakumari

Ironheads, city based Royal Enfield bikers are ever ready to travel any distance on their bikes

By   |  Published: 5th May 2017  11:19 pmUpdated: 6th May 2017  12:28 am

Ironheads is one of a kind travelers group of Royal Enfield bikers from Hyderabad who enjoy their life to the core just through driving in various unexplored corners of the country. Keeping their profession aside for some time and gearing up to follow their passion on road, the bikers have an excellent time in every step. This biking club completes its sixth anniversary today and has a lot more to aim for.

Varun Naidu, one of the members who started the group said, “It was my dad who used to take me to trips with him and that’s how he inspired me to travel more and more.” Varun travelled to places such as Ladakh, which is the ultimate destination for any biker and Kashmir, Kanyakumari and many others too. “Yet, I would still love to travel those unexplored beauties of nature in India and especially in East India,” he adds.


He further added that, “There are many others in the group who have taken part in other dangerous trips too and all of us try to enjoy and live life to the fullest in every journey we take up.”

Every member of the group is busy with their own lives and responsibilities; they still try to make time. While a few are engineers and techies, some are businessmen.

Women too are part of this adventure and takes part in road trips. Another appreciable thing of the group is that they travel with their own money and ask no one for funds. In fact, they save their earning just to follow their passion.