Kathanam: Suspense thriller without the punch

Cast: Anasuya Bharadwaj, Ranadhir Director: Rajesh Nadendla

By Author  |  Published: 9th Aug 2019  7:27 pm
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If you take out the first 30 minutes and last 30 minutes, then Kathanam seems convincing. This is where the actual story happens, in a rather interesting way. The director takes his own time to get into the plot and that period tests your patience when you have to bear ill-conceived scenes laced with lousy comedy.

Anu (Anasuya Bharadwaj) is a filmmaker looking for a break and producers for a movie under her direction but in vain. One day, she receives a call from a group of four producers and her movie finally materialises. But, mysteriously, the characters in her script get killed one by one in the same manner how it is written in the narration of the film.

Anu then approaches an Assistant Commissioner of Police (Ranadhir), explains the strange happenings and convinces him. Then both of them connect the dots to solve the mystery behind these killings. Who is behind these murders, how is Anu related to them forms the premise of this ‘Kathanam’.

The scenes between Anu and the ACP leading to arriving at a breakthrough in the case were executed well, and those episodes are the only saving grace in the movie. The suspense is built very decently until it is revealed. Once it is known, the flashback and the following part is the same old story.

In this women-centric film, Anasuya as the leading lady did all that she is expected and did justice to both the variations in her characterisation. If only she had some say in the ‘kathanam’ (screenplay) of this Kathanam, the result might have been a bit different.

The audience will have no clue why some scenes and characters were placed in the first half and the melodramatic turn that the movie takes in the climax. Kathanam tries hard to sell itself as a suspense thriller but fails to pack a punch.

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