KCR launches mobile medical services in Telangana

The bike ambulances essentially are meant to reach accident spots faster than the traditional 108 ambulances and provide emergency medical help to patients.

By Author  |  Published: 17th Jan 2018  2:17 pmUpdated: 17th Jan 2018  11:42 pm
mobile ambulance services
CM KCR launched mobile ambulance services.

Hyderabad: Extending quality medical care services to underserved population in urban and rural areas has always been a challenge for health authorities in Telangana.

With an aim to reach-out to such patients who can’t make it to a public health institution either due to their medical condition or because of logistics, the health wing on Wednesday took a major step in strengthening its mobile medical services.

Three different kinds of mobile medical services were launched by Chief Minister, K Chandrashekhar Rao on Wednesday, which to a large extent will not only provide a wide array of patient care services at the patient’s doorstep but also will make a lot of difference in trauma care in Hyderabad and Rangareddy districts.

According to health authorities here, the bike ambulance initiative is tailor-made for urban centres liker Hyderabad and Rangareddy where the 108 ambulances often struggle to wade through the traffic in reaching the road-accident spot.

The bike ambulances, which will be managed by a trained Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), will act as the first responders in road accidents.

The bikes will also provide emergency medical care to patients who reside in interior slums where the regular ambulances can’t make it.

“We are trained to provide CPR and also provide vital initiation treatment to stabilise accident victims. In fact, we also carry an Oxygen cylinder for patients who desperately need medical gases during a respiratory distress,” says P Pavan Kumar, an EMT on bike ambulance.

102 Amma Vodi ambulance

The 102 multi-purpose ambulance vehicles will solely provide vital services to pregnant women and infants at their door step.

The facility will also be able to help track high-risk pregnant women, provide them regular health-check-ups at their homes and even extend transport facility to the nearest referral centre.

Authorities also launched ‘Rekkalu’ aimed at providing mobility support to women Multipurpose Healthcare Assistants (MPHA) who take up field visits while implementing various State and Central Government health schemes.

Features of 102 ambulance

1. Special call centre to be set up for 102 service

2. 200 ambulances added with each district having 6 to 8 vehicles

3. Monthly expense per ambulance Rs 99,765.4. Yearly budget for all the 102 ambulances: Rs 23.94 crore

Targets of 102 vehicles

1. Number of trips per vehicle in a day: Minimum 4

2. Number of pregnant women to be transported per day: 4,500

3. All vehicles to be on road every day

4. The call centre will attend 15,000 calls per day

Features of bike ambulances 

1. To be fitted with GPS

2. Will cater to road victims of Hyderabad and Rangareddy

3. To be deployed at known accident hotspots

4. Equipped with medicines, oxygen cylinder, cervical collar, first-aid kit

5. Monthly maintainance Rs 50,0006. Yearly budget to maintain 50 bike ambulances: Rs. 3 crore