Keeping up with New Year resolutions

While ringing in 2018, make the best of the 365 days in stock with better life goals.

By Author  |  Published: 31st Dec 2017  11:00 pmUpdated: 31st Dec 2017  6:43 pm
Happy New Year photos

A very Happy New Year to you all! As the clock ticked down towards 2018, most of you must have thought and jotted down your New Year resolutions — a tradition far fewer stick to. Nevertheless, there’s no reason why one should give up and not try to keep up with a new set of resolutions every year.

Stepping into a New Year calls for a fresh beginning and it’s like a junction in the road, where you get to choose the next direction you take. So, what’s 2018 going to be like for you? Unless your resolution is not to have a New Year resolution, read along to see what people have resolved to and get a few tips on how to successfully keep up with your resolutions.

Hyderabadis resolve to…

Let’s take a look at what people in the city have in mind for this year’s resolutions. “This year I want to pay attention on building a healthy body and mind. So, it’s time to hit the gym,” says Chirag, who is a quality engineer at S&P Global and also a theatre artiste. “I want to start 2018 with more love, humility and self-love,” says Manphe, a student of Farah Institute of Technology, Chevella. “This time I want to get back my life on track and do things I like to do,” shares Pooja, a content writer.

Celebrities’ scoops

Looks like 2017 was a year where a lot of people realised the importance of staying digital free. Kim Kardashian shared on her website that her New Year resolution is to stay phone less and live in the moment this year. Similarly, Kendall Jenner has also announced that she will no longer use her app

Our very own TV celebrity Namik Paul, known for his role in Ek Deewaana Tha, said that his New Year resolution is to listen more and speak less.

Smart take on resolutions

Dr Geetha Challa, a psychologist who is also the founder and director of Manojagrithi Sudha Counselling Centre, shares why resolutions doesn’t work often and what all do we need to make it work.

Why resolutions do not work?

Too many resolutions often leads to lack of clarity. It is also important to understand between what is feasible and possible. Resolutions can sometimes be unrealistic and imposed by others – not self-driven. Self-doubt, and lack of determination can be hindrances.

How to make the resolution work?

Tackle one at a time – do not rush, and be steady. Discuss your resolution with others to execute it in the best way. Reward yourself for small changes. Pick new habits, so that it’s easier to let go of old habits. Try to incorporate your resolution intentionally – keep reminders visible, understand the meaning of false hope syndrome and mark a deadline.

Pay heed to what Dr Geetha has to say, meditate on your resolutions thoroughly and gear up for a truly happy New Year.