Khaidi is back for his 150th

Films are bigger than us and industry rivalry doesn’t matter to me much, says Chiranjeevi

By Author   |   Published: 9th Jan 2017   11:05 pm Updated: 10th Jan 2017   12:14 am
Khaidi 150
Megastar Chiranjeevi

After a brief political stint, megastar Chiranjeevi is all set for his comeback to the big screen with Khaidi No. 150. The actor maintains that he has no regrets for taking a break from acting. “I have no repentances and I believe it was destined to be like that. I did my best in the paths I have chosen so far.”

On choosing a remake for his 150th film, “I waited for over a year for an appropriate story. As it’s my 150th film, the expectations are sky high and I was looking for a subject that conveys a social message like Tagore and Stalin. At that very point of time, I watched Kaththi and I liked the theme. The film has a message and commercial elements to entice masses.”

For an actor who is making a re-entry, he is subjected to a lot of scrutiny. Ask if he is nervous, Chiru shots back saying, “Neither I am anxious nor am I tensed. I’m just curious to see the audience response. Even after doing 150 films, I’m still being adored my fans and their love towards me is scaling new heights by the day. I’m supremely confident as the film has shaped up well.”

Did they tweak the script? He adds, “We have adapted a couple of sequences to suit my image and infused a lot of entertainment, and songs. The dialogues too reflect the current state of affairs in our states. Further, our version is fast-paced.”

Even at 62, Chiru looks at least 10 years younger than his actual age and the megastar credits his son-actor Ram Charan for it. “One should keep his heart at peace and should not brood. I feel all sorts of emotions but I don’t react to them much. Once I decided to resume acting, Charan has become my personal trainer and has been overseeing my diet habits and fitness regimen. He asked me to cut down on carbs and increase proteins, I followed him.”

Chiru has been very appreciative of Charan for successfully donning the producer’s hat. “Initially, I was skeptical about how he projects me and handle the things as a producer. Later, I realised that he has conviction, lucidity and talent to manage everything on his own. He did a great job and I’m happy he pulled off a difficult job with ease.”

Naga Babu’s emotional speech stirred a controversy and Chiru plays it down in his style. “I don’t have an issue with RGV. I look at Naga Babu’s speech in a different perspective. I prefer not to react on such things and everyone is entitled to share their views. Likewise, Naga Babu too reacted and I believe he is right from his beliefs. He was hurt and he reacted. I don’t take these issues seriously and so do my fans.”

Speaking about the fan wars and rivalry in the industry, Chiru says, “Films are bigger than all of us and they matter to me the most. It’s up to our actors to convey a message. Recently, Mahesh Babu and Ram Charan went for a holiday to Zurich and had great fun. Akhil, NTR and other actors too get along well with Charan. I always want to see this positivity around us.”