Knowing business etiquette can be helpful

Do not let your eagerness to share your business idea beat your basic manners

By Author  |  Published: 13th Jan 2018  11:26 pmUpdated: 13th Jan 2018  8:44 pm

It is a challenge to excel in the business field. Even people with brimming talents, fail to materialise their dream project. People skills, charm and minding your Ps and Qs play a very major role. You are expected to be considerate at every step starting from how you introduce yourself to how many times you change your sitting position through the meeting.
Here are the business etiquette rules to be aware of:


Meet and greets are where you make contacts and if you are lucky, they might turn into professional meetings. So, it is very important for the delegates to remember you and in those few minutes you might not get a chance to introduce them to your business ideas. So, introduce yourself with your full name. There will be many Anils and Geetus but there is only one Anil Ambani and Geetu Verma.

Things off the table

When you are finally with the boss in the meeting room, make sure you don’t put any of your personal belongings on the table. For example, your phone; do not carry your phone into the meeting, and if you do, shove it in. It is paramount to give them an idea that there nothing more important for you than this meeting.

Table manners

Nowadays, things have become more relaxed. You might not necessarily meet your future investors in their office. You might plan to talk over a dinner or lunch. Well, ‘minding your table manners’ goes without saying. Give a quick read about the rules before you show up at the restaurant.

Do not disturb

Do not let your eagerness to share your business idea beat your basic manners. Don’t go around knocking on people’s doors; be professional and set up a meeting via emails. Send gentle remainders. Professionalism is the most appreciated factor in this business world.

Be thankful but not too much

Once you pitched in your idea, let them know you appreciate them for giving you the opportunity, and be thankful but don’t overdo it. There are other ways to stay in touch than being annoyingly polite.