Kotwal Saab wants Hyderabadis to stand in line

By Author  |  Published: 4th Mar 2017  1:08 am
Photo: Surya Sridhar

Hyderabad: ‘Hyderabad mein toh aisaich hota hai’. Be it in cinema theatres, malls, the Numaish or even wine shops, a little bit of order and discipline is allergic to the Hyderabadi. But Kotwal Saab is not ready to take it.

Pointing out that overcrowding and lack of discipline was leading to public nuisance and traffic obstructions, the latest order from the city police, apart from asking establishments to appoint queue managers and make people stand in a queue, also insists on queues with ‘a personal space of one foot between person to person’.

Hyderabad City Police Commissioner M Mahender Reddy, in an order that comes into force from 6 am on March 6 and shall remain in force for 15 days, said lack of discipline in public places like cinema theatres, bus-stands, malls, shopping complexes, religious places, educational institutions, industrial fairs and exhibitions, food outlets, wine shops, ATMs, business outlets, offices and places of entertainment is leading to ‘uninterrupted public nuisance, traffic obstructions and obstructions in smooth conducting of businesses and professions thereby adversely affecting public order, tranquillity, decency and smooth flow of traffic’.

The Commissioner, therefore, quoting relevant clauses of Section 22 of the Hyderabad City Police Act, 1348 Fasli, has asked managements of all the above said establishments to take necessary measures including providing ‘Q’ managers, security personnel, signage, awareness, enforcement etc., for mandatory formation of queue lines of the public.

“The public is also duty bound to follow the queue lines at the above said places leaving a personal space of one foot between person to person standing in the queue system, without forming into a crowd,” the order said.

The order ends with the warning that any management violating the order shall be liable for punishment under Sections 188, 290 and 290 read with 109 of the IPC and under Section 76 of the Hyderabad City Police Act.