Krishna River Management Board gets new chairperson

By   |  Published: 20th Feb 2019  10:16 pm

Hyderabad: The Union Ministry of Water Resources has appointed a new chairperson to the Krishna River Management Board.

According to orders issued by the Ministry, Dr Rakesh Kumar Gupta, a senior official of the Central Water Engineering Service, will head the Board. The KRMB is headquartered in the city.

The KRMB was constituted as part of the AP Reorganization Act to oversee the use of water stored in two major dams – Srisailam that falls in Andhra Pradesh and Nagarjuna Sagar in Telangana. Both reservoirs are meant for common use by the two States and KRMB has been playing a crucial role in deciding on the use of Krishna river water by AP and Telangana.

However, serious differences persist between the two States with Telangana holding AP responsible for over drawal of water from the river, an issue the State has complained to the Board several times.

Another issue that has been pending with KRMB relates to the installation of an adequate number of telemetry systems to accurately measure water drawals by Andhra Pradesh. Gupta’s appointment as KRMB Chairperson follows his promotion. He will take over from the current KRMB chief RK Jain.