KRMB: Telangana, AP set to fight it out

By Author  |  Published: 11th Oct 2018  12:29 amUpdated: 12th Oct 2018  4:09 pm
Krishna River Management Board (KRMB)

Hyderabad: Sparks are expected to fly at the next meeting of the Krishna River Management Board (KRMB) scheduled for October 16 as Telangana is firm on questioning the overdrawal of water by Andhra Pradesh from the common reservoirs of the two States.

The board, which is meeting for the second time this year, will be discussing the balance entitlement of the two riparian States from 214 tmc of water available above the minimum draw down level in Srisailam and Nagarajuna Sagar project together.

Available water

The overall availability of water in the basin, including Tungabhadra project was put at 189 tmc. The Chief Secretary of Telangana, SK Joshi, will also attend the board meeting in view of the importance of the issues on the agenda. Andhra Pradesh had availed 197 tmc of water as against an approved indent of 129 tmc from the common reservoirs of Sriailam and Nagarjuna Sagar. AP has availed 228.62 tmc from the entire basin so far this year as against 78.4 tmc by Telangana.

Telangana could avail only 44.22 tmc of water from the two common reservoir out of its approved indent of 82.5 tmc so far. Srisailam reservoir was left with only 60 tmc of water while Nagarjunasar has a storage of 154 tmc of water above the minimum drawdown level.

Telangana has been considering APs drawals over and above it approved indents as unauthorised.

Over 108 tmc of water was drawn by AP through the Poythireddypadu head Regulator to met the irrigation needs in Rayalaseema districts. Since the board could not meet after its first meeting of the water this year i.e, was held on June 6, the contentious issues in water sharing could not be discussed so far.

The KRMB has been issuing the water release order more or less on ad hoc basis without discussing the needs of the State.

Telangana State wanted the board to discuss the under reporting of utilisation of water by the KC canal. It also proposed discussion on overdrawals by AP to meet the irrigation needs in the command of the Prakasham barrage, unauthorised drawals through the NSP right canal power house.

Sought discussion

TS is insisting for discussion on abnormal utilisation of AP without release orders issued by the KRMB at other projects and need for finalisation of location for the telemetries.

AP has been insisting on shifting of the KRMB headquarters to Vijayawada. The irrigation Department of Andhra Pradesh wrote to the KRMB to include the issue in the agenda of the board meeting scheduled for October 16.