KS Ravikumar is back with a bang

The director who has made a Telugu film, Jai Simha, after nine years' gap shares his experiences during an interview

By Author  |  Published: 14th Jan 2018  12:14 am
KS Ravikumar

Director KS Ravikumar who has made films like Sneham Kosam, Bava Nachhadu in Telugu in back to the industry with Jai Simha which released on Friday. The last Tamil film of the director which has been dubbed to Telugu was Dasavatharam in 2008 and he considers this as a break of nine years from Telugu audience.

The director says that the only reason for not making any films in Telugu was being busy in Tamil and this couldn’t let him focus on the market here. “Balakrishna and I wanted to do a film together eight years ago. Even though we thought of a story then, it didn’t work. So when I had a few scripts in my hand and Balakrishna was also looking for a good story, I discussed it with Ratnam and then with producer Kalyan. Later, we narrated it to Balakrishna and a few changes were made in the story,” said Ravikumar.

He further added that, before any story goes on floors, he sits with the producer, hero and his assistants for final discussions, narrates the dialogues, make necessary changes and only then take the project forward. “This is my style of screenplay and making of a film. I have my own way of direction. I become (and think like) the audience for them to like the movie. Even while writing the script, I think of which actors would fit well in the role and then improvise their character,” he further said.

While the initial story was something, many changes were made to the plot of Jai Simha later, and sometimes even on the sets while shooting. Ravikumar thinks that a mass hero and a class subject are the worst combination ever and making a film in this combo would see failures for sure.

When asked if the story of Jai Simha is somewhere from the ’80s and ’90s, the director said that he wanted the story to be of that time so that he can convey all the emotions. “Emotions are not born today. They have been here from the good old days. So, I showed the emotion of love also as a matured one. My films will have emotions and sentiments for sure. I just can’t make action films,” he added.

Ravikumar also made it clear that, more than anything, he wants the audience to be satisfied with the film. He also says that to make good films and to survive in this industry, one needs luck and God’s grace too.

When asked about how different is Balakrishna from other actors he has worked with, Ravikumar said, “Every hero has his own plus and minus points. They make sure that the minus points are fewer in number. The more plus points they have, the more are chances for them to become a good actor.”