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Of corporate culture, heritage, health and lifestyle
The corporate alexander: Arrive, behold and conquer

Can employees emulate the rules that make business owners succeed? How do you navigate through twists and turns at your work place? Is your career sorted? Do you know the secrets you learn only when you earn?

Peek into the life of Manas, a budding business graduate, who starts as an intern and navigates through the challenges on his way to the top of the ladder. The book, which draws from real-life incidents, reveals the secrets he needed to learn and unlearn to get there and the bunch of well-wishers who helped him on the way.

Author: Ajay Kumar
Publication: Notion press
Pages: 266
Price: Rs 449

Telangana harvest – Telugu short story fiction 1912-2011

This anthology of fifty short stories reflects the major trends and fictional concerns of Telugu writers from Telangana covering a span of one hundred years. From the beginning, the story form here has shown its predilection to engage with social-political realities. The writers have employed the story form as an instrument to reform and agent of social change. These writers have created a rich corpus over the years marked by excellence in substance and storytelling. The short fiction in Telangana has many similarities with other Resistance literatures in the world. The stories included in this collection deal with a wide spectrum of issues, class/caste/gender inequalities, forms of exploitation, modes of resistance, middleclass mores, migration, empowerment of women, dalits and minorities etc. the collection is a rich mosaic showcasing the art of storytelling from Telanagana region.

Author: Many authors
Publication: Department of Language Art and Culture
Pages: 437
Price: Rs 500

Life Stutras: collective wisdom for the young

In this electronic age, the pace of life has become faster than earlier. Demands made by the world, challenges in life keep changing rapidly. Today’s youth are busy coping with these transient demands and challenges, and in the process find little time to pause, reflect and understand life and enjoy it. Life sutras is a self-help book of collective wisdom that attempts to help them negotiate through life, to smoothen the rough edges through the medium of simple stories and episodes. Together with skill and Sutras, it is an attempt to provide the youth with an impetus to become confident about themselves.

Author: Jayashree Mohanraj
Publication: Prism Books Pvt.Ltd.
Pages: 156
Price: Rs 175

Magic weight-loss pill

It’s easy to wait for a magic weight-loss pill as many online advertisements tend to promise customers than to alter your lifestyle to incorporate effort, dedication and self-discipline for shedding those extra kilos. An upcoming book by two lifestyle coaches claims to decode the magic weight-loss pill.

The Magic Weight-loss Pill, a self-help guide to weight loss and good health recommends over 60 lifestyle changes that have helped thousands to not only lose weight, but also prevent and heal diseases. The authors also suggest ways to achieve inexpensive, easy and fulfilling lifestyle alternatives to the readers to achieve a healthy mind and body. The book is available for pre-order online.

Author: Luke Coutinho and Anushka Shetty
Publication: Penguin Random House India

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