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By Author  |  Published: 13th Oct 2019  12:48 amUpdated: 12th Oct 2019  7:47 pm

Strangers to the Known

Author Name: Divya Bhanu Vankadari
Price: 300
Notion press
‘A stranger to the Known’ is a book out of the ordinary and takes the reader on a fantastic journey of unraveling mystery mixed with suspense and elements of a thriller. Within its fictional context, this book takes a more in-depth look into the plot of the story, in which the protagonist struggles to solve the mystery. One clue leading to another forms the big picture and moves toward a suspenseful conclusion, leaving the reader on a cliffhanger, and allowing them to draw their own private conclusions.

The Need to Revamp the Indian Constitution

Author Name: K V Sreenivasan
Price:  599
Notion Press
Change is the natural phenomenal. According to the changes of living conditions, socio- economic development, scientific advancement in the present computer era, we have to change ourselves from the old one to modern method according to our needs best suitable for the present living requirements. In the same manner now it is an urgent need to revamp the Indian Constitution. Once it was framed and adopted based on the Government of India Act, 1935 which was framed and written by British to rule and govern the slavery Indian population. Even after 73 years of freedom we are following the same laws as adopted by the British. Even in our Constitution we have not defined the term “Citizens” in a clear cut manner. The law means to govern and regulate and to give guidelines for the citizens guidance how to live in the oragnised civil society. But we are following the Laws which were framed during the year 18th century even now, which is bad in law and un acceptable and against the Principle of Natural Justice, Hence the need for this book which deals with the deletion of out- dated laws and to adopts the new laws under our Constitution for the benefit of Indian Citizens we have to write and adopt our own laws instead of the borrowed one from all over the countries of the World.

The Adventures of NIDRA Fairies

Author Name: Shilpi Haryal
Price: 100
Notion Press
Have you ever had sleepless nights? What if a tiny fairy came by to put you to sleep? The chirpy Nidra Fairies travel around meeting some restless, naughty and anxious children. These fairies are all buckled up to sprinkle their magical sleep-dust to put the weary souls to rest, but is the task really so simple or will they have to do more than they had intended? Read The Adventures of Nidra Fairies to find out their exciting twists and turns.

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