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By Author  |  Published: 25th Nov 2018  12:46 amUpdated: 24th Nov 2018  5:59 pm
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Comrade Netai and the Chronology of His UG Days

Author– Sanjay Lahiri
Price –  450
Book Type – Literature & Fiction
Publisher – Notion Press
About the book:
In the nineties, he joined to a splinter group of Naxalite to be associated with the ongoing struggle for the emancipation of the working class and was rechristened as Netai.
However, in subsequent years, he was dismayed seeing the peer rivalry, manipulation to grab power in the organization. Walking with the arms squad, Netai realised that, to the party, the expansion of arms struggle was the sole yardstick of revolution.
Netai’s home turned into a permanent shelter of comrades and gradually thrown into disarray with aimless siblings, cataract ridden mother and a lonesome father, still a sole bread earner despite being retired from a government job.

About the authors:

Sanjay Lahiri was born and raised in Bihar (now Jharkhand). He was a political activist and then became a theatre activist. He later turned language trainer. Now, he is working as a sales and marketing business advisor. Comrade Netai and the Chronology of His UG Days is his first novel.

Adventures of Ibrahim and Zahra

Author: Juzar Badami
Language: Arabic
Price: 750
Book type: Children’s book

Ibrahim and Zahra have come to the library. After much of searching they got their hands on a book. They both are amused and mysterious about the fact that all the pages in the book are plain and empty. Where have all the letters vanished? Ibrahim and Zahra are entering into a big magical book on an Adventure journey in the search of the lost letters. Come join them in their quest!

Adventures of Ibrahim and Zahra is a gamified book that teaches Arabic huroof and Arabic vocabulary. The can child can learn Arabic huroof while having lots of fun searching for the huroof on every page. The beautiful illustrations will reinforce recognition of various objects and its association to the huroof. The hidden huroof in the pictures encourage reading and writing skills. Gamification of learning is an educational approach to motivate students / children to learn by using game design and game elements in learning environments. The goal is to maximize enjoyment and engagement through capturing the interest of learners.