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By Author  |  Published: 21st Apr 2019  12:53 amUpdated: 21st Apr 2019  1:01 am

Whispers In The Park

Whispers In The Park is the story of a young girl who walks into a large park early one morning when the Sun’s climbing into the sky and its reddish-golden rays are bathing everything in its wake. As she wanders over paths looking for perfect pebbles to paint a pattern or tiny picture on, she is surprised to hear whispers when the park is devoid of visitors. Intrigued by these whispers that are barely perceptible, she is stunned to find the source. As she listens unbelievingly, she realises that they have a message for her. Scared initially, she continues to roam in the park only to find many more whispers with messages…

Author Name: Seema Jauhari
Price: 250
Publisher: Notion Press

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 One Step at a Time

For him, life was replete with tragic incidents one following the other – as if they were rehearsing for the next macabre dance. Even before he could speak up and call out for his mother, life had dealt its first cruel blow. And then, at every stage of his life, whenever he tried to stand up, he was knocked down.

But he refused to surrender.

It took months of pain, years of struggle and decades of determination to regain control of his life, and his body.

And then, tragedy struck once again…

One Step at a Time is an inspiring narrative of Visu – a man who stood all his life for others, though he himself couldn’t stand without support. This is a story of a man who helped many find purpose and meaning in life, though he himself had been wronged by the quirk of fate.

Let’s count Visu’s steps along the way. One Step at a Time.

 Author Name: Venkat Iyer
Price: 175
Publisher: Notion Press

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