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By   |  Published: 5th May 2019  12:52 amUpdated: 4th May 2019  5:00 pm

The Best of Panchatantra

Reading level: 9 – 12 years
Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher: Young Learner Publications
Compiled by: Mrs Rungeen Singh
Price: 56

 The Best of Panchatantra, compiled by well-known author Mrs Rungeen Singh, has outstanding stories from Panchatantra, an ancient inter-related collection of animal fables in verse and prose. The stories in the books are very useful for the parents to help them guide their children towards the values of human life. The stories have been compiled in easy-to-understand and simple language so that even mediocre persons may comprehend them effortlessly.



Publisher: Vitasta Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
Paperback: 856 pages
Price: Rs. 909
Author: Chandrachur Ghose & Anuj Dhar

Catastrophic truth about the fate of the man who freed India Sitting in a dilapidated house in a remote part of India, a 74-year-old man narrated in his deep baritone the layout of Jessore cantonment in East Pakistan to his handful of followers. They got the import only a few weeks later when Jessore fell to the advancing Indian Army.

This was in December 1971, and Subhas Chandra Bose was officially dead for 25 years. Having spent over 15 years in procuring and scouring through thousands of records from across the world, interacting with eyewitnesses and consulting experts, the authors come to a history-bending conclusion that a mostly unseen, unnamed holy man who lived in various parts of UP from the 1950s to 1985 was Subhas Bose himself. From a “living” Netaji’s throwbacks about his contemporaries, his views on Constitutional issues and India’s foreign policy, to his forays into the world of paranormal and top-secret covert missions across the borders to heart-breaking disclosure why he could not emerge in public no other book ever written in India is as bold and vast in its scope and implications.

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