Learning How to Learn

Four-week course offered by California university

By Author   |   Published: 7th Jan 2017   11:47 am Updated: 8th Feb 2017   7:41 pm
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Yes, that is the name of this insanely popular course offered by Coursera. Now, the MOOC, Coursera is no stranger in India, infact India is its second largest market, after the United States of America. While this course is not new, it has been on Coursera for more than a couple of years now, it’s popularity is still pretty high. With excellent reviews and take aways, this course is going to be around for some time.

Learning How To Learn is spread over four weeks and is created by the University of California, San Diego. The course itself is based on a book by Dr. Barbara Oakley (one of the teachers of the course). The book itself is brilliant and we’ll cover it in detail another day. The course offers a combination of videos and exercises to make it more engaging. The course follows a scientific approach to learning and the functioning of your brain. Sounds a little geeky, but I promise it’s not. What appealed most to me was that every concept was supported with scientific papers cementing the credibility of the said concept. While some of what the course covers may appear to be obvious, like Procrastination; what it attempts to do it make you understand what makes your learn or hinder your learning. For me, the biggest take away was the ability to consciously implement ‘Chunking’ – compact packages of information that the brain can access easily. And if you’re anything like me then the prospect of a neat little package in your head will be quite appealing!

Do you absolutely need this course in your life? Perhaps, no. But taking the course will sure feel productive and if you are able to implement its suggestions and make them a part of you learning process, it’s a win all around. When I quickly learn and master Mandarin, I’ll let you know if I became one with the science of learning!

–Sameeksha Bansal, www.digerati.in

You can find the course here: https://www.coursera.org/learn/learning-how-to-learn/