Let hair be light

Men have outgrown the fully-grown beard trend, and are going for the big chop

By Author  |  Published: 5th Dec 2018  7:06 pm

The years 2017 and 2018 saw men sport beards that covered more than two-thirds of their faces. But now, after a slew of celebrities decided to shed their facial hair and go for stubbles and clean-shaven looks, we shed light on the goodness of the bare face trend.

Although bearded males might complain that shaving makes them look like an infant, they agree that it’s a much more presentable look overall. 23-year-old Santosh Kumar, a former beard host says, “It’s one of the easiest ways to look more presentable and I think it hasn’t gone out of trend. A clean shaved face can fit into any occasion and among everyone without making others have second thoughts about us.”

Women on the other hand, having become more accustomed to seeing bearded men around, they are now finding it difficult to get used to this transition. Meenakshi Pamnani, a city-based beauty blogger is not a great fan of it. She says, “To be honest, I am a fan of beards, but not fuller ones. Stubbles, however, are cool.”

The clean-shaven look is also more adaptable at the workplace. “Men are switching back to a no-beard culture as it makes one look more professional,” says Mihir Jariwala, city-based fashion blogger, who is all in for the trend. He goes on to add that many workplaces too, might not be very accepting of dense beards.

“Maintaining a beard is also not easy for someone who is constantly on the go,” he explains.
As the bottom-line is ‘change being the only constant’, Meenakshi says, “Men are switching to this look because change is necessary; and it makes the whole look seem neat.”

Besides that, popular opinion about bearded people is that they unhygienic, unkempt and disorganised when it comes to lifestyle choices. Apart from considering beard as a manly trait, Santhosh says it is more about breaking free of judgement. “It also comes with a lot of stereotypes and assumptions about who we are,” he shares.

Calling it a welcome move, he says that he is glad that it is becoming a common thing.