Let your kids take the pedal

Cycling is the fun and best way to keep your kids outdoors

By Author  |  Published: 13th Jan 2018  1:07 am

Gone are the days where parents had to struggle to make kids stay at home. Parenting has become much more challenging with children taking a fancy to fancy gadgets. While keeping your kids away from the hi-tech stuff would be an ideal option, there are hardly any chances of this option to be put in practice. Well, there is a way to grab the attention of kids though!

Introduce your kids to the concept of cycling very early in their lives. This routine not only keeps your kid fit but they would also find it extremely exciting. And no! You don’t have to wait until the ‘school age’ to gift them a cycle.

Break the age barriers and let your tiny tots go on a ride. There are many children’s bikes available in the market today which allow kids as young as 12 months to ride a bicycle.

Reasons to take the pedal at a young age:
• Boosts the positive mental attitude
• Introduction of ‘healthy activity’ while they are still young
• Improves fitness
• It helps kids familiarise with local area

Elders can take this opportunity to include cycling in their routine as well which will help in keeping you fit as well as allow to spend some quality time with your little ones.