Light up your home with LED bulbs

Being energy efficient and durable, LED lights produce better light than conventional bulbs

By Author  |  Published: 18th May 2019  1:01 am
LED bulbs
SMART CHOICE: Fancy LED light bulbs are available in a range of colours which could add to the decor of your room highlighting specific areas to make your home look more beautiful.

Hyderabad: Are your rooms looking dull even after spending so much on paints? Do those rooms require an ambience makeover? How about brightening up your living space by replacing those uninteresting conventional bulbs with some stylish LED lights which could give your home an edge over the rest?

Light is a key element of decor for any home as it provide a sense of comfort and calm after a long day at work and gives your home a captivating look. Lighting, when used in the right manner, can completely transform the look of a home.

Fancy LED light bulbs are available in a range of colours which could add to the decor of your room. LED lights are highly energy efficient and have the potential to lower electric bills. In addition to being energy efficient, LED lights allow for effective dimming and produce better light which shows more colour than the conventional bulbs.

They also highlight specific areas and provide lightings to make your home look more beautiful like never before.

Taking all these aspects into consideration, you can purchase the lights that match your taste and wallet. Hyderabad has several small time and branded stores which offer a wide range of home led lighting, led light tubes, bulbs, panel lights, home decor solutions for both home and workplaces.

Living Room: These rooms are always abuzz with guests and kids, and in many homes, double up as the dining room as well. So it is a matter of the right light mix and if you are considering LED s for living room, a combination of ceiling light and wall light along with warm white colour could be a good choice.

Bedroom: It essential to have the right lighting in your bedroom where you relax and spend most of the time than other rooms after a day of hectic work. Before you select the bulbs or tubes make sure you have the right fixtures to fit in. Brighten up the bedroom as well with white coloured LED light and bulbs which round in shape are suitable on the ceiling of your bedroom. It is good to avoid bright and blue-light emitting lamps.

Kitchen: Many of us start our mornings in the kitchen. Just like a healthy breakfast, your kitchen requires the right balance of lighting and the proper lighting mix will make sure that it is fit for all uses. You can illuminate the room with general lighting which is suitable for the surroundings.

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