Lockdown makes people go back to basics

The pandemic may have confined folks inside, but it has also sparked a change in the way many approach food

By   |  Published: 13th May 2020  7:59 pm

When rumours of a lockdown came about, the first fear that struck people was availability of their favourite foods which soon diminished when it became clear essentials wouldn’t be hit. And so with ample time on their hands, people began experimenting in their kitchens.

In foodie Ravikanth Reddy’s household, after the whole family turned chef in the kitchen, they found that eating at home had its own appeal. “Our consumption of kirana increased certainly. Initially, availability of fresh vegetables was an issue, so we switched to eggs, chicken as the children also needed the extra protein,” explains Ravikanth.

He orders chicken and other meats using online delivery portals. As someone who ate out 8-10 times a week, he adds that he will continue to eat out once lockdown is lifted, “but maybe not as much as earlier”.

Closure of cafes, restaurants, fast food outlets and cloud kitchens forced people to make their favourite foods from scratch and in the process, many reacquainted themselves with the joy of cooking. Media professional Lokender Jain believes the lockdown could have inadvertently started a healthier relationship with food for people.

“It’s become a great stress buster. Mealtimes have become the focal points of our day and we eat all meals together as a family. Infact, we sat down to a South Indian themed lunch at home complete with banana leaves. YouTube has tons of vegetarian recipes so there is no end to variety,” says Lokender.

Lack of certain foods in supermarkets has also made some more conscious about what they consume. In software professional Leena Pardesi’s home, they previously ate meat once a week. But she has since shifted to a vegetarian diet, including more quinoa, millet and fresh veggies. “Hygiene at butcher shops was a concern for us.

Lot of them aren’t following social distancing as well. I’m also trying to cook more of immunity boosting foods as we binged on a lot of calorie-rich foods like halwa, pizzas, in the first few weeks of lockdown,” shares Leena who is now making a sustained effort to continue with this diet combined with a healthy dose of exercise.

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