‘Lou’ takes on bullying

A heart-touching story about a creature made of unclaimed items who teaches the bully, JJ, a lesson

By Author  |  Published: 14th Jan 2018  12:38 am

Pixar never disappoints its viewers with their work. If you still haven’t watched the 2017 computer-animated short film, Lou, you better do. The seven-minute short was released along with Pixar’s Car 3.

Lou revolves around a creature named Lou who is made of different lost things and JJ, the bully. Lou lives in the lost and found box near the kindergarten playground where JJ bullies the kids by stealing their stuff. Lou notices all of this and decides to teach JJ a lesson.

When all the other kids rush to their classrooms after the recess, JJ’s attention is caught by a moving object (Lou). After a while, Lou and JJ are seen pulling each other — Lou trying to snatch JJ’s bag and JJ holding on to it. It’s when Lou reaches the lost and found box that JJ finds his lost teddy that was taken from him by another bully.

On noticing that, Lou decides to give back JJ his toy only if he returns the remaining items to the kids. The short film ends with JJ distributing the items and even getting a hug from a classmate.

The seven-minute movie is funny and at the same time heart-touching. It not just brings to light why bullying is bad, but also the story behind why a bully bullies. Watching how Pixar tried to give a figure to Lou by compiling all the lost and found items was striking.

Title: Lou
Director: Dave Mullins
Duration: 7 minutes