Low-carb diet can be handy: Nutritionist

By Author  |  Published: 5th Feb 2018  12:14 am

Hyderabad: India Dietetic Association (IDA) national executive member and senior nutritionist from Nutrifit Dr P Janaki Srinath firmly believes that remission of diabetes among patients is possible.

The senior nutritionist told Telangana Today that there were numerous studies in the past that have clearly shown that proper diet does have a profound impact on diabetes.

Elaborate on diet and diabetes?

There are several diet patterns that can be effectively used to achieve significant weight loss, reduce insulin resistance, allow people to come off their diabetes medication and thereby achieving reversal or remission of diabetes. Well-controlled lifestyle interventions in individuals with impaired glucose tolerance can prevent or postpone the development of type 2 diabetes through weight loss, physical activity and healthy dietary choices.

Are there any studies to prove this?

In the last few years, there were several studies, including one in the UK, in which 50 per cent of the diabetic patients in the study group achieved remission. In that study, within a year, close to 36 participants out of over 100 patients had lost weight by 15 kg. There are studies that have indicated that quality of life also improves among patients who have managed to control their sugar levels.

Co-relation between weight and diabetes?

Weight management is a major aspect for diabetics. There are studies that have shown the need for long-term maintenance of weight loss through proper diet and exercise. Unfortunately, what we have observed is that people struggle with long-term maintenance of weight loss, even those who underwent bariatric surgery. The challenge is to find the right balance and have a sustainable plan for weight loss.

Benefits of low-carb diet?

Carbohydrates, as do proteins and fats, provide energy, so they help to fuel the body. Carbohydrate is broken down into glucose, so when carbohydrates are consumed, an increase in blood sugar levels occurs to a greater or lesser extent according to the amount of carbohydrate. By reducing carbohydrate intake, you can help to reduce the rise in blood glucose levels after meals.

How low carb intake impacts weight?

Low carbohydrate diets have been found to be successful in aiding weight loss. The reduction in carbohydrates means that people need not produce, or inject so much insulin. Since insulin helps to store fat, less circulating insulin could help to prevent, reduce or reverse weight gain.