Mahabubnagar Municipality draws ‘rangoli’ to prevent littering

By Author  |  Published: 12th Jan 2018  5:56 pm

Mahabubnagar: Mahabubnagar municipality has installed separate bins for people to dump their dry and wet wastes at several locations in the municipality. However, people continue to dump garbage roadside and in open areas wherever they find space.

To address this problem, a Municipal Sanitation Supervisor has found a unique way to prevent dumping of garbage everywhere.

On Friday, vexed by the public apathy, Nagabhushanam, a sanitation supervisor in the municipality decided to address the long-standing problem. He asked his sweepers and garbage collectors to draw ‘Sankranthi rangoli’ to grab the attention of the locals for this cause. Early in the morning sweepers and garbage collectors were seen drawing rangoli at the people’s preferred dump spot, with a sign placed at the scene which read ‘don’t dump your trash here.’

However, the problem may not be entirely solved by this as there are no tractors to collet waste in Mahabubnagar municipality.