Make office parties interesting

Try and introduce one game at a time whenever you have gatherings with your colleagues

By Author  |  Published: 4th Feb 2018  11:00 pmUpdated: 4th Feb 2018  9:49 pm

Office parties can be boring if the set of people around you continue to discuss about assignments and projects instead of talking about topics outside of the office. As the whole concept of taking a break from hectic schedule seems to be lost, you can take the initiative of making it interesting by introducing some fun games.

Desk thief

Though it is bit difficult, it is one of the most interesting games at the same time. For this game, you have to do a little hard work in advance to make it a success. First, you have to steal one of the belongings of your colleagues to display them in the party. Then, put all items together and make people guess which item belongs to whom.

Indulge in tambola

One of the most loved and fun game to play when a huge gang gathers is tambola. It is very simple yet interesting, which rarely people say ‘no’ to. So, get some popcorn, arrange for pens or pencils and take your seats to get started with the game.

Play filmy

Dumb charades is something that has become so common and some of you might have got bored of playing the same since childhood. So, try something new and play the dialogue game this time. Write down the famous dialogues from the movies in the chits and shuffle in a bowl. Pick one chit, read out loud for people to guess the name of the movie. You can even keep extra points for those who can name the actor that delivered the line.