Make these changes and achieve your goals

Make these changes in your life to achieve your goals and ambitions

By Author  |  Published: 28th Jan 2018  11:23 pmUpdated: 28th Jan 2018  8:21 pm

We have entered the New Year with a bang. Most of us have planned many things for the year, but, there are always some doubts about achieving them. The reasons can be anything, but with a few changes you can definitely tick off all the things in the list. These changes will only help you to make your life better in every possible way. They may seem silly, but at the same time, they will have a profound effect on you. Anjali Nagpal, life coach shares some ways that bring about a change in your life.

Nourish yourself

Anjali Nagpal, life coach says that it is very important to nurture and nourish oneself. “This in a way sends positive energy to your mind,” she adds. Anjali shares that being positive makes a lot of difference. “It completely changes our perception towards life and we will be able to look at life in a totally different way,” she mentions. The life coach says that one should not keep thinking about negative things as they will make a huge impact. “So, always love yourself and believe in yourself,” she concludes.

Be specific

One should be specific and clear about their ideas. This also plays an important role in making things better as well. It will guide you to the right track and you will be able to think clearly about your goals and ambitions. This will also help you in not getting deviated from the path. There will be so much of negative energy trying to pull you back, but you should be able to fight them with your positivity.

Own perception

The life coach says that having own perception can help an individual in many ways. “This helps in building your self-esteem,” she shares. Anjali mentions that it is true that opinion changes from person to person and people who have strong opinions have greater self-esteem. “For example, take Aamir Khan, he went against the norms of the industry, and made his own path,” she shares. Anjali says that not everyone is capable of doing it. “In order to achieve something like that, it is important to build your self-esteem,” she says.