Make way for Pawan Kalyan

If there's one topic that has reached a fever pitch on social media, it's undoubtedly the PK film which hits the screens today.

By Author  |  Published: 9th Jan 2018  11:25 pmUpdated: 9th Jan 2018  6:25 pm
'Agnyathavasi' poster.
A still from the movie 'Agnyathavasi'.
After a long wait, Agnyathavasi will hit the screens today and the celebrations which have begun almost 15 days ago have become bigger, stronger and turned into a storm on social media. While Pawan Kalyan fans are busy with several promotional activities, many online portals are using this craze to make profits by launching different schemes and giving away one ticket to the movie to winners.
While being PK’s film is one reason for this promotion, the other reason is the number of controversies it has faced so far. Till date, no Telugu movie has been promoted on such a huge scale and this is surely going to be an unforgettable day in the industry.

Win a ticket, the popular music application has made very good use of the craze of fans for this film. “Buy 1-year subscription and enter to win tickets for exclusive premiere show of Agnyathavasi.” By using this as their promotional quote, this app is attracting fans by promising them tickets.

It is already known that the love and affection of Tamil fans is always extreme. This has been proved in many cases. Surprisingly, fans of Pawan Kalyan from Chennai, Bangalore and other cities are performing ‘annadanam’, ‘abhishekam’ and several other activities in their home towns, welcoming the release of Agnyathavasi. On the other hand, being a Anirudh Ravichander musical is a plus point to the film. Fans from all over have already landed in Hyderabad and other cities, and are ecstatic to watch the premiere shows.
While permission wasn’t granted for Agnyathavasi’s midnight premieres across the State as larger crowds may lead to unwanted law and order problems, the neighbouring Telugu-speaking State has given a green signal for such premiere shows.

Cut-outs, festoons & crackers

From huge cut-outs at the theatres to bundles of papers to make their way into the air, theatres and their management are all set for the celebrations tomorrow. PK fans from several places posted all these pictures on Twitter which are going viral. How can these celebrations conclude without a box of crackers? Well, they are also ready.
The release of Agnyathavsi and the related excitement have made their way to the screens in the US too. The film has made a huge splash at the box office in the US. Slated to be released in more than 576 locations, a new record has been set now. Being the first Indian film to surpass Hollywood films, Agnyathavsi has bagged the first place in the top 5 films releasing this week, and with more number of bookings too!

Increased number of shows

 Even theatres in Hyderabad too are welcoming the crowd by screening more number of shows. While no benefit shows are organised, single screens have been given permission to screen five shows in a day. Multiplexes already have their own number of screenings and this time, Prasads IMAX, like never before, will be screening 28 shows of Agnyathavasi today. Whoa! Isn’t it huge?
The huge fan-following and hype has grown to such an extent that now we leave the rest to the audience who have been eagerly awaiting the movie, and are set to give their verdict today!