Head to Malaka Spice for delicious southeastern meal

Malaka spice introduces you to some exotic flavours through signature dishes

By Author   |   Published: 12th Aug 2017   11:00 pm Updated: 13th Aug 2017   12:24 am

If you are a foodie who doesn’t mind giving new flavours a try, then you must take some time out to visit this new restaurant in the city. Tucked in the inside lanes of Jubilee Hills, away from the traffic congestion and noise, Malaka Spice will take you on a ride to the southeastern part of the world with its flavours and aroma. Painted in bright hues of blue, orange and red, the place truly makes you feel the vibrancy of the region. It looks like the design and the décorrrived at keeping in mind the flavours that they offer.

restaurantThe moment you enter the restaurant, you are welcomed by a colourful rickshaw. And, as you proceed, you will get to experience the cool ambience of the place, thanks to the seating arrangement and the accessories used to decorate the place.

Malaka Spice offers both indoor and outdoor seating. Do give the outdoor seating a try. With coloured umbrellas and paper lanterns, the place looks really cool. The moment you take your seat, the small introduction about the crew member who is going to attend you will grab your attention. This is not something that you would notice at other restaurants.

The menu has three different sections — ‘Cheeru original’, ‘Inspired, not imitated’ and ‘Malaka recipes’. Every recipe is different in its own way because of the usage of the unique spices that bring out some exotic flavours. There are umpteen options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. One can always pair their food with some great mocktails and cocktails that are on the menu. The food preparation is more inclined towards peranakan and nyonya styles.

restaurantThe best way to start your meal is with a hot soup. They have a wide variety to offer – vegetarians can opt for Tom Yum Phad and non-vegetarians can go for Tom Yum (chicken/prawn). Oh, you must not miss their top hats for starters (available in both veg/non-veg). It is served with six varieties of sauces. Every sauce gives the dish a unique taste. Another thing that tops the list for vegetarians in specific is pumpkin chips which is another must-have.

For non-vegetarians, there are the delicately flavoured, mouth-watering Thai mutton chops that melt in your mouth. And for the main course, Nasi Goreng is available for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. These are just a sample of the range available there; the menu offers a lot more things like dumplings and salads, among others.